Attack Angle

March 16, 2016
Game Improvement

Attack Angle or Angle of Attack in golf is defined by the up or down movement of the club head at the time of maximum compression.

Attack Angle is measured relative to the horizon.

In laymen terms it is the vertical direction the club is traveling at impact. To keep it simple your club can be travelling up and away from the ground at impact, level/sweeping or down into the ground.

Attack Angle

Typically an amateur golfer’s swing favours one of these attack angle tendencies. So many times we will find that a club player is a really good iron player and weaker driver of the golf ball or vice versa a really good driver of the ball and weaker iron player. Attack Angle is the culprit for these inconsistencies. Below there are a number of different shot types and the Attack Angle that each particular shot calls for to maximize consistency.

  • Upward – Driver
  • Level – Pitch Shots, Good Lie Chips, Fairway Bunkers, Good Lie Hybrids, Woods
  • Downward – Irons, Bad Lie Chips, Greenside Bunker, Bad Lie Hybrids, Putting