Lessons at The Academy

You can expect to learn the key issues holding you back in your golf swing and drills and feelings to help combat those issues.
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You can expect to learn the key issues holding you back in your golf swing and drills and feelings to help combat those issues.

Get Started with Your Full Game Analysis

Complimentary with Standard and Advanced Lesson Packages

We will hit a series of putts, greenside shots, full wedges, iron shots and drives. Data will be gathered throughout the lesson using TrackMan technology, Hudl video recordings, and HackMotion.

Key Takeaways

Establish a baseline to track progress and collect information about you and your golf game to determine a suitable, customized plan of action.

Advanced Lesson Package


  • Full Game Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • 8 x 50-minute lessons

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Intermediate Lesson Package


  • Full Game Analysis
  • 5 x 50-minute lessons

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Standard Lesson Package


  • Full Game Analysis
  • 3 x 50-minute lessons

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Explore the Fundamentals

Learn about the fundamentals of your golf swing using drills to establish proper technique and create a consistent and repeatable feel for your golf swing.

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Single Lesson

$115 – 50 Minutes

Tune Up Lesson

$85 – 25 minutes

Semi-Private Lesson

$125 – 50 minutes

2 Participants

Group Lesson

$150 – 50 minutes

3-4 Participants



Email James a face-on video as well as a down-the-line (from behind) video of your golf swing and he will respond within 48 hours with his expert advice






Nine holes or 1:40 minutes, 1 Participant. Play nine holes with James and analyze your game on the course

My Teaching Philosophy

“It is my belief that every individual is unique and instruction must be approached in a customized fashion. I believe in starting at impact and working on contributing factors to impact from there.”

James Skrypec

Junior Lessons

James is pleased to offer specialized lessons for the junor golfer in your family. Juniors will learn the fundamentals of the game while developing the skills needed to play better golf. 

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$60 – 50 minute lesson




  • Full Game Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • 8 x 50-minute lessons

Analyze your Equipment

Leverage cutting-edge technology and analysis to ensure that you have the best equipment for your game.

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Gap Analysis


You will hit full shots with all of your clubs and each of the distances will be recorded on TrackMan. This will allow us to determine if there are any major yardage gaps between your clubs.

Key Takeaways: You will learn the exact carry and total distance for each of your clubs. We will also measure and bend your club’s loft and lie to adjust for yardage gaps and unwanted sidespin on your golf shots.

Titleist Club Fitting


Your clubs should be fit to your swing. Using state-of-the-art fitting techniques, tools, and TrackMan, we can determine the optimal clubhead design, shaft material and flex, length, lie and grip size to maximize the performance of your set.

Junior Programs

Introduce a young person to the game or help that young golf enthusiast train to compete.

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See how the technology that we use will improve every aspect of your game.

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Play, practice and enjoy the advantages of Deer Ridge’s year-round indoor and outdoor facilities.

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