Weak Fader’s Fix

August 17, 2017
Game Improvement | Golf | Launch Angle

Weak Fader's Fix

In the image above this gentleman was able to gain 25 yards of carry with his 7 iron. The complexity of the improvement of his impact pattern is immense. His shaft is now leaning towards the target, his club is now moving “in-to-out”, and his wrist position has greatly improved. If you tried to imitate all of these positions individually you would not be able to produce results. The most beautiful thing about this change in his pattern is that Mike is thinking about laterally moving his hips toward the target, thats it. Complex improvements in simple, palatable form. If you hit weak fades, give this move a try. If you hit strong draws, disregard this tip.

Lets play better golf,

James Skrypec

Director of Instruction

Deer Ridge Golf Club